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Review: ENlight LP791 LCD PC chassis

by Steve Kerrison on 10 August 2006, 09:00

Tags: ENlight

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The face of small form factor PCs is ever changing, barring a few well-known constants. Manufacturers are continuing to devise ways to get PCs into every room of the house by making them small and pleasing to the eye. Big and pleasing to the eye just doesn't cut it; it has to be small.

There are implications for SFF PCs beyond the home. In the workplace, a small PC takes up less floor or desk space, for example, so it's always important to consider that certain SFFs have different applications. However, most of you reading this will be thinking about the home environment, so it's on that angle we focus.

One style of SFF PC that's been visited by designers and engineers before is that of integrating the system into the monitor casing. Apple did it to some success, depending on your taste, but the biggest problems with these kind of systems tend to be the proprietary hardware needed to fit components into them. Wave goodbye to an upgrade path.

It's about time somebody came up with a PC-in-a-monitor solution that was easy to upgrade, so when ENlight's LCD PC chassis landed in the labs, we were sceptical about the promises on its box, but we're an equal opportunities bunch and gave it the HEXUS examination... Join us as we see if ENlight has managed to get it right with the LP791.