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Review: Project Bad Apple

by James Morris on 12 September 2003, 00:00

Tags: Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)

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Apple computers have for a long time now led the world in design. They were the first mainstream manufacturer to make a pc look any good. They rewrote the rules for the beige box. To get a pc that looks as good as a Mac is quite hard even nowadays. I've long been a fan of the G4 case and was determined to get hold of one for a project. After almost 2 years I finally got my wish. This article will describe the route I took to complete the project I named 'Project Bad Apple'.

A Quick Note or Two.

This project guide is going to be slightly different to the normal Hexus article: it is going to be very image heavy. A picture speaks a 1000 words and its much easier for you to get the idea of what I've done with them. I took well over 300 images during the build I have used the best ones. I've tried to explain how I did everything in the most obvious order not in the order that I did it so if I get confused about the time sorry.
If you intend to copy or repeat any of the mods described in this article please be aware some of them have inherant risks and should only be undertaken if you know what you are doing.
Please note neither I nor Hexus take any responsiblity for any damage to parts of persons as a result of this article, sorry we have to cover our backs nowadays.(Mumbles something about lawyers).

Aims of the Project

I've been wanting to do a G4 to ATX case conversion for ages now, I really wanted to get a quicksilver case but they are a lot harder to come across. So I settled for a stock G4 case I bought from the US via Ebay. My aim for the conversion was that from the outside there was very little to differentiate it from a Apple G4. This means as little modification to the outside of the case as humanly possible. This case was to be used as my main case so it has to be practical as well.