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Review: Shuttle XPC P 2500 G System

by Tarinder Sandhu on 31 May 2006, 12:58

Tags: Shuttle

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Shuttle XPC P 2500G Review

Take a look at most system integrators' offerings and you'll likely see a SKU based on a small form factor unit, usually Shuttle's. The smaller footprint, fantastic portability, and desktop-matching performance makes them desirable for a wide cross-section of folks, from students through to users with limited space in their homes.

Shuttle has been offering a number of XPC cubes based on popular chipsets for a while now. Our favourites tend to be based on the P-series, which take premier core logics for Intel and AMD CPUs and houses them in chassis that look great and perform well.

Shuttle has seen the popularity of all-inclusive SFF units, pre-built, and taken note. The end result is in the company releasing its own line of pre-built, customisable SFF XPC SKUs. In view of this watershed, Shuttle sent us a fully-loaded XPC based on its excellent SN25P chassis. Read on to see if this FX-60-driven system has what it takes to tempt you at its £2,199 asking price.