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Review: Shuttle XPC SD11G5 SFF

by Tarinder Sandhu on 28 October 2005, 00:35

Tags: Shuttle

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Shuttle XPC SD11G5 SFF

Shuttle now lists a whole gamut of XPC SFF units on its website. You can choose from an array of chipsets that generally revolve around Intel's LGA775 and AMD's S939 processors. What's been missing up until now is, perhaps, the perfect CPU for these small boxes. Ideally, most prospective SFF users would like an ultra-quiet XPC that was also pretty damn quick. Now think of a CPU that has a comparatively low power draw and high work per clock cycle. We bet one of the first that springs to mind is Intel's excellent mobile Pentium M processors that often beat out desktop Pentium 4 models but do so with less than a quarter of the wattage requirement. Wouldn't it be great to see a Shuttle XPC based around it, preferably with minimal cooling and, literally, a small footprint?.

Shuttle seems to think so and has just released a Pentium M-compatible XPC in its proven G5 design. The SD11G5 promises much but can it deliver? Let's find out.