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Review: Shuttle XPC SD31P

by Tarinder Sandhu on 17 October 2005, 17:47

Tags: Shuttle

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Shuttle XPC SD31P

Shuttle has been steadily adding to its array of small form-factor barebones units throughout 2005. The process of addition is quite simple; someone releases a new chipset, and Shuttle designs a new XPC around it. Further evidence of this fact is provided by Shuttle having no less than 21 models in its current range, and that excludes XPCs that have now become obsolete. Shuttle also flags no less than 11 models as 'new', so making your way through the weird and wonderful naming is a job in itself.

One of those considered new has been around for a couple of months now. Based on the 'P' chassis that is larger than most XPCs, the SD31P houses a motherboard that uses Intel's I945G chipset as a base and then adds in a smattering of tasty discrete ASICs for good measure. i945G also infers onboard graphics from Intel's GMA950 accelerator, as well as support for dual-core and 6-series LGA775 CPUs. It looks tasty on paper, let's see if paper specs. match up with reality.