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Review: Thecus N1200 NAS Media Server

by Steve Kerrison on 11 April 2007, 08:51

Tags: N1200, Thecus (4978.TWO)

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You can't touch this


Stop! NAS time.

What better way to kick off another HEXUS storage review than with a tribute to the mighty Hammer, eh? It was a toss-up between the man with a crazy dance who you can't touch, and the chilly bloke with strange yellow hair (yeah, Vanilla Ice, baby).

And it's with extreme tenuity that I craft, nay, forge a link between this surreal introduction and the product on test. For you see, dear reader, today we're reviewing a product through which one might enjoy the delights of Hammer, Vanilla Ice, Kate Bush, and if I dare raise the level of class just little bit, Avril Lavigne. In fact, one could even enjoy a bit of Vin Diesel or Jack Bauer with this here product, if you're hard enough.

So what kind of NAS is this? Well, it's a Thecus N1200, and it features a DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) Mediabolic (not media bollo...careful --Ed) server.

Have we got you sufficiently confused? Great! Let's go make some sense of it all...