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Review: Boston SAS RAID -X- Pack (LSI MegaRAID 8408E, Seagate ST3750640AS & Supermicro SATA M35)

by Steve Kerrison on 17 August 2006, 08:50

Tags: Boston

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More joys of redundancy

Remember the Thecus N5200? We had it kitted out with 3.5TB worth of disks and its performance was a lot better than previous NAS products we'd had our hands on. The prospect of such a huge amount of storage was just too tempting for us, so we held on to the disks for another little project we were going to undertake.

That project is here and it's in the form of a RAID review. However, it's more than just a slap-dash benchmark-and-run affair, because we've got plenty to look at.

We'll start with the disks. Not everyone's going to be able to afford five 750GB Seagate ST370640AS disks (yeah... even one is a bit heavy on the wallet) so we've taken a little look at an individual disk to see how it performs all by itself.

Following that we reunited the disk with its brothers in a Supermicro SATA M35 RAID enclosure. The disks were then hooked up to a PCIe SAS (Serial-Attached SCSI) & SATA RAID card.

We've entered the realm of spacious, speedy storage. So is it all that it's cracked up to be? You'll have to read on to find that out.