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Review: Seagate ST380023AS Hard Drive

by David Ross on 30 December 2002, 00:00

Tags: Seagate (NASDAQ:STX)

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The Test Drive I

The drive it\'s self looks just like any other computer hard disk drive. Consistent with other Seagate barracuda drives this one is very well built, solid and as attractive as a rectangular box of metal and plastic can be. The label clearly identifies the drive and provides setup information.

Review ModelSeagate ST380023AS
Seek Time (Average)9ms
InterfaceSerial ATA

Here is the description of the drive from Seagate\'s web site...

Seagate\'s Barracuda ATA V with Serial ATA Interface leverages the mechanics of the industry\'s quietest 7200 rpm desktop drive. The Barracuda ATA V offers 80GB and 120GB capacities with an 8MB cache for mainstream, high performance PCs, and entry-level servers. The product features all FDB motors, superior reliability and the next generation interface - Serial ATA. The SATA Barracuda includes Seagate\'s exclusive 3D Defense System and a one-year limited warranty.

7,200 RPM desktop performanceImproves overall PC performance
350 Gs nonoperating shockProtects drive from shock and vibration
3D Defense SystemIndustry\'s most comprehensive drive and data protection system
DiscWizard softwareWorld\'s best disc installation software utility
SoftSonic(TM) FDB motorQuietest acoustics on any desktop drive
8-Mbyte cache bufferImproved performance
Serial ATA interfaceFastest data transfer rates