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Crucial 128GB m4 SSD review

by Parm Mann on 7 June 2011, 17:30 4.5

Tags: Crucial Technology (NASDAQ:MU)

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Benchmark: ATTO

You don't usually see the ATTO Disk Benchmark spit out numbers higher than the manufacturer's quoted speeds, but that's what we're seeing here.

Crucial claims the 128GB m4 SSD is capable of sequential read and write speeds of 415MB/s and 175MB/s, respectively, but ATTO suggests it's good for up to 447MB/s and 191MB/s.

Read performance isn't enough to challenge a SandForce-powered Vertex 3, and write performance is decidedly average, but let's not forget; the m4 SSD is the cheapest SATA 6Gbps solution in our line up, and by some margin.

A pair of 128GB m4 SSDs in RAID 0 come mighty close to offering near-linear scaling, and a combined sequential read speed of 853MB/s is enough to top our chart.