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Review: Corsair Force F120 SSD - new formula for a fast drive

by Tarinder Sandhu on 17 June 2010, 08:58 4.0

Tags: Force F120, Corsair

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Premium solid-state drives (SSDs) are now coming in thick and fast from a wide range of manufacturers. Looking at the other end of the scale, small-capacity SSDs, aimed at users who want a fast boot drive, retail for around £75 for a 32GB model.

Increase the SSD spend and you get the twin benefits of larger capacity and a better-performing drive. At very top of the consumer SSD tree sit drives powered by the SandForce controller, which we first took a look at here in the form of the Corsair F100.

Corsair is now bringing a trio of revised Force SSDs to market with larger capacities and a lower street price. We take a close look at the Force F120 and see if it's deserving of a £300 price tag.