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Corsair Flash Voyager GT 128 USB pen-drive review.

by Tarinder Sandhu on 28 August 2009, 05:00 3.25

Tags: Flash Voyager GT 128, Corsair

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If you excuse the poor pun, removable storage has become key in recent times. Led by the readily-available USB pen-drives, there's little reason why Joe Average can't have a 16GB stick for less than £30 - large enough to store an entire operating system.

At the cutting-edge of removable storage reside pen-drives with 128GB-plus capacities, and we took a look at a 128GB USB pen-drive from Patriot just over two weeks ago. Clearly large on capacity and finished in a cool aluminium casing, we felt that the asking price of £300 put it too close to the speedier alternative of eSATA-connected SSDs.

Corsair now steps up to the plate with a 128GB pen-drive that boasts faster speeds. Read on to find out if the Flash Voyager GT 128 is right for you.