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Patriot 128GB Xporter Magnum USB pen-drive review. Big-stick fun.

by Tarinder Sandhu on 6 August 2009, 10:25 3.25

Tags: Patriot Xporter Magnum 128GB

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The USB pen-drive has become the very definition of ubiquity over the last five years. They're perfect as on-the-go storage mediums and the plug-and-play usage brings simplicity very much to the fore. Most computer users will have at least one, and capacity has grown so quickly that manufacturers aren't bothering much with drives that ship with less than 2GB of flash memory

Look around etailers and an 8GB pen-drive is available for just over £10, and a 16GB model for around £20. 16GB is more than enough space to hold an entire operating system and a bunch of commonly-used applications, or, for the younger generation, around 4,000 mp3s. Really, it's rude not to have one.

Pen-drive manufacturers look to differentiate their products with respect to capacity and speed: not all drives are equal. To this end, Patriot Memory sent us a 128GB Xporter Magnum for review. We take a closer look.