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Review: Corsair P256 256GB Solid State Drive: designed for performance junkies

by Tarinder Sandhu on 18 May 2009, 05:00 4.0

Tags: X25-M, Samsung Spinpoint F1-DT 750GB, Corsair P256 256GB, Intel (NASDAQ:INTC), Samsung (005935.KS), Corsair

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A lot has been made as to how solid-state drives - storage with no moving parts - will revolutionise your PC experience. Fast on access and high on speed, 2009 should be the year that SSDs encroach upon mass-market appeal.

It's now possible to buy a 64GB SSD for under £150, which has enough capacity for a full-fat OS build and a number of necessary programs. Pay more and, obviously, you get more.

Such is the margin still to be made in releasing a wide range of SSDs, that practically every memory manufacturer has a bunch of drives in their line-up. At the turn of the year the one big-name player missing was Corsair, but it has now released a range of performance drives with keen prices.

We're taking a look at the top-of-the-line P256 - endowed with, as the name suggests, 256GB of on-board storage and boasting some sky-high transfer speeds. Worth the £550? We find out.