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Corsair SURVIVOR 32GB USB pendrive review and execution

by Tarinder Sandhu on 25 September 2008, 10:40

Tags: SURVIVOR 32GB, Corsair

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Remember the days when having a 1GB flash drive was the epitome of cool? You'd dangle it off your belt, vociferously telling anyone who was willing to listen, and many who weren't, just how much could fit on to the drive. 1GB was cool - hell, yeah!

Those are the days that this now-grey-haired hack remembers fondly, but such is the pace of technology, 1GB has been phased out of most manufacturers' catalogues, because the associated cost of controllers and packaging makes them commercially untenable.

4GB flash media now sells for less than £10, and that's in a variety of flavours, from microSD through to Compact Flash. In 2008, capacity is king.

Corsair - a name synonymous with high-speed, high-quality DRAM - branched out into flash-based production a while back, concentrating on USB 'pendrives' of varying sizes and styles. Of particular note was the company's Voyager series that was tested to destruction on

Differentiating the generic USB-based pendrive field a little, Corsair has also introduced the 'hard-as-nails' SURVIVOR series and petite Voyager Mini. Thinking of the former, we took the range-topping 32GB model for a review spin.

Worth around £80 of your money? Read on to find out.