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Review: Free and Open Source Software - Part 3

by Jo Shields on 19 August 2004, 00:00

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This is the concluding chapter of my HEXUS.net guide to Open Source software. In Part 1 I introduced Free software, suggesting packages such as Mozilla Firefox for Windows, and eventually downloading a "Live CD" to give Linux a spin in safety. In Part 2 I guided you through installing a working Debian GNU/Linux desktop system, including the Gnome desktop environment. In this part, I will cover some tweaks and more advanced tasks - using the ALSA sound driver, installing 3D accelerated graphics drivers, updating the system, playing media, and playing games. Getting all of this working can be tough going, so read carefully. As with last time, if in doubt, try IRC. #HEXUS.net on Quakenet is as good a place as any.