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Review: High-speed DDR2 memory roundup

by James Thorburn on 20 June 2007, 13:15

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PC memory has always been an important, if sometimes frustrating issue. Too slow and you are losing precious performance; too little and you'll find your hard drive grinding away like drunkest girl on the dance floor.

With memory prices going through another low period and Windows Vista more than capable of gobbling up every last byte you care to throw at it, there couldn't be a more appropriate time to take a look at some of the modules available today.

And so for you, the discerning hardware enthusiast, we have a selection of five 2GB packs, covering the full range of performance options from wallet-friendly DDR2-800 all the way up to DDR2-1250 with a price tag to match.

So can lower clock speeds and tighter timings compete with a fast and loose approach? And how much overclocking headroom do the various modules offer?

All will be revealed...