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Review: Crucial Ballistix 1GByte PC4000 184-pin Memory

by Tarinder Sandhu on 16 September 2004, 00:00

Tags: Crucial Technology (NASDAQ:MU)

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Crucial Ballistix 1GByte PC4000 184-pin Memory

Crucial Technology revolutionised the way in which most enthusiasts purchased system RAM in the U.K. Before Crucial's slick online website and easy-to-order approach arrived with gusto, purchasers of aftermarket RAM often had to make do with OEM modules from their local retailer. Retailers almost had what amounts to a caveat emptor approach to selling; the buyer generally had to know the correct speed, RAM type and pin configuration. Crucial introduced a system-matching program that took the hard work out of guesstimating which RAM was correct for your PC. Keen pricing and excellent customer service didn't hurt, either.

The enthusiast community has always hankered for more than just basic, no-frills memory. That's precisely why companies such as Corsair and, lately, OCZ Technology have cultivated a profitable niche by releasing modules that ran way beyond the time's JEDEC specs. Similar, tweaked modules priced at almost double Crucial's appeared to sell well. Our benchmarks have showed just what kind of positive impact low latency or high bandwidth memory can have on overall performance if setup correctly.

Crucial's realised that the premium RAM module market is big business, one that it has neglected for too long. So in line with a raft of manufacturers who currently carry enthusiast-orientated memory, Crucial's released its own line of high-performance modules. Dubbed Ballistix and promising much, we were only too keen to take a look at Crucial pushing the performance envelope for the very first time.