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Review: Corsair Dominator TWIN2X2048 - 8888C4DF RAM

by Steve Kerrison on 6 September 2006, 10:05

Tags: Corsair

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To test cooling, we tried out both the Dominator PC2-8888 and Pro PC2-8500 modules, at their maximum tested frequencies and stated operating voltages for these frequencies, both with and without the help of the Dominator Airflow. We measured the temperature delta between the modules and ambient; the lower the better.

Dominator XMS2-8888 results

The PC2-8500 modules are running at 2.2V, while the Dominators are running at 2.4V. Despite higher voltage and frequency, the DHX cooled modules run cooler than the Pro modules when there's no Airflow over them. The Dominator Airflow attachment benefited both modules. Interestingly the Pro heat spreaders seemed to benefit the most, but again we must factor in the different voltages and operating frequencies.

The heatsinks work, so do the fans of the Airflow. If you need your RAM to be cooler to keep it stable and reliable, Airflow will help, and the Dominator modules, with their chip and PCB heatsinks, are the most effectively cooled memory products to have passed through the HEXUS.labs.