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Review: Corsair XMS4000 ProSeries 1GByte TwinX Dual-Channel Memory Kit

by Tarinder Sandhu on 18 October 2003, 00:00

Tags: Corsair

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Corsair 1GByte XMS 4000 ProSeries TwinX dual channel memory kit

If you already produce some of the fastest system RAM for consumer-level PCs, what else can you do ?. A number of companies now proudly state that they have PC4000 (DDR500) memory in their respective ranges. Some have been so bold as to offer sticks with even higher speeds; we've seen PC4200 and even heard mention of PC4400 memory. That's seriously quick stuff, albeit seriously expensive. The explosion in really high-speed memory has generally followed an increase in the FSB of certain CPUs and motherboards. With Intel and AMD both ploughing their 32-bit trades with 200FSB CPUs, the need for faster memory is all too apparent.

Corsair recently introduced some rather tasty-looking XMS4000 memory. Those modules, often sold in a pair and under the banner of TwinX, were designed to run in Springdale and Canterwood boards at DDR500 speeds. You could, of course, run them in an nForce2 motherboard, but the chances of hitting their rated speeds, in a synchronous manner, were little to just about none.

We have another set of TwinX modules in for review today. After reviewing the matched XMS3700 and XMS4000 sets a short while ago, you may be thinking that we're looking at PC4200 memory; the next logical step up the speed scale. Instead, it's good, ole' XMS4000 memory with a twist. The review title states ProSeries, so does this mean lower latencies or something altogether different. Read on to find out.