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Review: Corsair VX450W PSU

by James Thorburn on 6 August 2007, 09:08

Tags: VX450W, Corsair, FSP Group (TPE:3015), be-quiet

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Recently, fuelled by rising power demands from almost all components within a PC, some might think that the market for power supplies has gotten a bit silly.

But does the average PC really need huge amounts of power? Corsair certainly doesn't think so even though it's happy to make higher-end offerings, such as the HX620W, for those who feel the need for such things.

The reality is that even with a fast dual-core CPU, a couple GiB of memory, a mid-to-high-end graphics card and a few hard drives, a PSU rated up towards 1kW or beyond is overkill. What the majority of users really need are reliable, efficient, quiet PSUs that are able to provide ample power to their systems without putting too much of a dent in their wallets.

It's with this in mind that Corsair has introduced its new VX range of power supplies. Coming in 450W and 550W variants and claiming over 80% efficiency across the complete range of load levels - not the 80% at full load many makers will quote - it sounds like it could be just the ticket.