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Review: NAYA Design cristO Classic

by Bob Crabtree on 11 December 2002, 00:00

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Inside the Case

Fitting the Power Supply

As I've said already Naya have broken the norm with their choice of Power Supply position, instead of the normal top back mounting point for the power supply it is located at the bottom of the case This to my mind is both a good and bad thing , the plus side is that it keeps the hot psu well away from the CPU. Unfortunately it comes with two drawbacks , one is that you will have the main ATX power cable for the motherboard stretching right across the motherboard to its plug (usually towards the top of the motherboard). Also twin fan psu's will have the bottom fan completely blocked rendering it pretty useless, short of modifying the case to have a grill/blowhole below the PSU. In terms of actually fitting the power supply , you run into a problem I hadnt encountered before and that is choice of screws to attach the PSU. Due to the thickness of the aluminium section at the rear normal screws simply are too short, but Naya will be providing extra long screws so this shouldnt be a problem.


These days one of the most important attributes of a case is its ability to cool the CPU and other components properly In this case there are two fans one rear mounted 80mm fan and one top mounted 120mm fan. These are both wired into the same molex connector which is nice to see. If this is not enough for you there is another mounting for a second 120mm fan at the top of the case. I would have liked to have seen this installed by default. Naya have informed me that this will be an option when buying the case. In terms of actual air flow from the fans things are not so good. The rear fan is blocked badly by the way the fan grill is cut out of the back panel. And the top fan also suffers from the same fault but by not as much. The 120mm fan still pushes a fair amount of air to over come this. The rear fan was only held in by two mounting points but these seemed to hold it more than securely enough so it wasnt an issue.

LED's and Switches

The power and reset switches can both be found at the front of the case , along with three LED's. There are two hard disc LED's and one power LED. Unfortunately the unit I had came with jumpers for the motherboard connections that wouldnt fit. I have spoken to Naya and this problem has already be noticed and fixed so it shouldnt be an issue any longer. All the cables are neatly bundled into a single cable to keep the case nice and tidy , something thats very important as you can see everything. The switches are a nice silver colour that match the case perfectly , I would have preferred a slightly firmer action but its really minor complaint. All the switches and LED's are labelled clearly its also nice to see a second hard disc LED as many people now have more than one hard disc it could also be used for other uses for those with a single hard disc such as network activity.