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Review: Corsair HX850 power supply put to the test: how good is it?

by Tarinder Sandhu on 12 June 2009, 08:44 3.75

Tags: HX850, Corsair

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A little while ago we previewed Corsair's HX750 and HX850 PSUs, introduced to fill the void in the company's professional line-up. Before the two new PSUs were made available, Corsair's HX-series included 450W, 620W, and 1,000W supplies, and having nothing in-between 620W and 1,000W constituted a marketing opportunity going begging.

We've repeated, ad nauseum, that a quality power-supply is the foundation for a good, stable system. Today's enthusiast-oriented PSUs need to provide smooth, ripple-free power, an eclectic range of connectors, and do so with the minimum of noise. It's relatively easy to engineer a basic PSU, yet difficult to manufacture a high-specification model that ticks all the boxes, including value.

After stressing the Corsair HX850W PSU some, and then some more, read on to find out if it's £135 well-spent on a potential system build.