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Review: Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer

by David Ross on 20 April 2000, 00:00

Tags: Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)

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The IntelliMouse Explorer is the newest mouse from Microsoft.
It is based on the latest mouse technology from Microsoft, the intellieye. The intellieye is a small digital camera that takes about 1500 pictures a second of the surface under the mouse. It doesn't have a ball like other mice, which means you won't have to clean it as often cause the intellieye does not touch the surface below it (it's also easier to clean the intellieye). The intellimouse with intellieye will work on almost every surface except glass or mirrors. This means you are not restricted to the stupid mouse pad anylonger.

The Intellimouse Explorer comes with 5 buttons and a scroll wheel, the 2 extra buttons are placed by the thumb, for easy access. It is actually a USB mouse, but with it you get a USB->PS/2 convertor, so that you can use your PS/2 port if you don't have a USB port available. You also get a CD with the IntelliPoint software with the mouse. The IntelliPoint acts like a control panel for your mouse, where you can change orientation, acceleration, mouse speed and lots more. The IntelliPoint software sets the 2 thumb buttons to forward and backward in your web browser by default. You can bind them to other actions however, like replacing Ctrl, Alt, Shift etc.