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Review: Asus RT-AC87U Dual-Band Gigabit Wireless Router

by Ryan Martin on 26 May 2015, 15:15

Tags: ASUSTeK (TPE:2357)

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Web Interface

The Asus RT-AC87U uses the same AsusWRT graphical web interface as most of the company's high-performance routers. The interface functionality of the RT-AC87U is virtually identical to the Asus DSL-AC68U which we reviewed last year since the only difference between the two is the speed of the 5GHz band and the lack of a built-in DSL modem on the RT-AC87U. To see more details of the AsusWRT interface we recommend you have a read of our more thorough overview here.

Since late last year Asus has revamped a couple of the features of the AsusWRT including Adaptive QoS (Quality of Service) and AiProtection. Adaptive QoS identifies and categorises different types of traffic streams based on their individual needs, this builds on the Traffic Manager service found in earlier versions of AsusWRT. Some applications or devices, such as gaming, will be prioritised to receive the lowest latency while other services, like video streaming services, can be prioritised with bandwidth. The Adaptive QoS service also prevents a few specific devices or applications from monopolising bandwidth and latency to the detriment of other users ensuring that a minimum quality of service is provided to every user.

AiProtection replaces the Parental Controls feature found in previous AsusWRT versions. AiProtection allows for more advanced network security features, such as malicious site blocking and router vulnerability protection, in addition to more granular parental controls. These controls allow time scheduling of internet access for specific connected devices as well as traffic restrictions or blocks on specific types of traffic - P2P, adult content and instant messaging services, for example. The restriction lists used are developed and maintained by Trend Micro so should remain up to date for the foreseeable future.

Other features offered by the Asus RT-AC87U include a VPN and DDNS service, DHCP management, the ability to use USB devices to share photos, create download or printer services and share 3G or 4G connections, guest network support and an advanced firewall. The AsusWRT is one the most advanced, and frequently updated, router web interfaces on the market and has options to cater for all types of users.