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Review: Powerline networking - can it deliver?

by Michael Harries on 6 August 2008, 05:20

Tags: ZyXEL

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With homes now filled with an increasing number of devices requiring network connectivity, from multiple PCs to consoles and media centres, networking everything up can prove quite a bit of hassle.

The highest-performance option is to opt for a wired network using Ethernet cables, but this involves either considerable work routing and hiding cables, or having stray network cables cluttering up your house. The problem is compounded when some of these devices, such as consoles, may be moved between rooms.

There is also the option for wireless communication, but performance can vary, and reception may not be adequate in some parts of the home.

The third option, which we are going to be looking at today, is Ethernet-over-powerline. As the name suggests, your networking signals are carried over your home's existing 'network' of electrical wiring.

We have two offerings, from Corinex and ZyXEL, which promise to provide flexible, easy-to-setup network connections. Read on to see how they perform?