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Review: DFI LANPARTY 925X-T2

by Tarinder Sandhu on 24 March 2005, 00:00

Tags: DFI (TPE:2397)

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DFI LANPARTY 925X-T2 Alderwood Motherboard

Intel recently provided motherboard manufacturers with an opportunity to release a new range of boards based on its i925P/i925X chipsets. Supporting, amongst other things, DDR2, PCI Express, a new socket form-factor, and high-definition audio, things looked good on paper. Intel's belief was that motherboard designs had remained stagnant for too long, with older technologies hindering overall performance.

Adopting an all-new approach usually requires a little time for component manufacturers to catch up. DDR2 is still reasonably limited in supply, and there's far fewer PCI-Express cards than their AGP counterparts. What makes the present situation even more convoluted is Intel's aim to move to a 266MHz (1066MHz quad pumped) Front-Side Bus in the near future. Not only do current 900-series core logics/boards need careful component matching, they also have a rather limited shelf life.

Undeterred by this, DFI has chosen the premier i925X Alderwood chipset as being ripe for a LANPARTY makeover. LANPARTY boards are epitomised by an abundance of features, novel additions to the bundle, and solid performance. Let's take a closer look.