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Review: Albatron PX875P Pro

by Ryszard Sommefeldt on 22 June 2004, 00:00

Tags: Intel (NASDAQ:INTC), Albatron (5386.TWO)

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Albatron PX875P Pro

Albatron PX875P Pro
CPU Support All Socket 478 processors including Prescott P4, Northwood P4 and all Celeron variants
Northbridge Intel i875P 'Canterwood'
Memory Support 4 slots, DDR400, 4GB max, dual-channel
Southbridge Intel ICH5
Audio Realtek ALC655 from ICH5 feed
Audio Connectivity 3 port backplane speaker
PCI 5 x 32-bit 33MHz PCI 2.1 slots
IDE 2 ATA133 compliant ports from ICH5
SATA 2 ports from ICH5
Networking 3Com Marvell 3C920 32-Bit Fast Ethernet Controller, 10/100Mbit
USB ICH5, 2 x backplane USB2.0, 4 x I/O USB2.0
FireWire None
Other I/O PS/2, Parallel, 2 x Serial, Gameport

At first glance it seems like something it's not. 875P hints at a powerful, feature packed board. And while it might be the former, it's definitely not the latter. A 3Com 3C920, able to run in Fast Ethernet (100Mbit) mode, and Realtek's half-hearted ALC655 (it's not as good as the 650 or 658) don't make for something you'd call feature packed. No RAID, either on the PATA or SATA ports, no FireWire, no flash or pizazz, only the full compliment of 6 USB2.0 ports let themselves stand up and be counted.

It's therefore pretty obvious what the PX875P Pro is for. Speed. And precious little else. With only a passing nod to the features it could have slapped on the PX875P, Albatron have instead made good use of the bargain bin to outfit the board, giving it ticks in the feature boxes that marketing droids love, but restraining themselves from going much further. The most expensive part on the board by far is the 875P bridge itself - around $40 if I remember rightly - so we're looking for speed on a budget.

Does it befit the 'Pro' stature? Not really, but it depends where you're coming from.

Let's take a look at the board in the flesh.