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by Tarinder Sandhu on 20 July 2003, 00:00 4.5

Tags: DFI (TPE:2397)

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It's party time !

Like many hardware review sites around the web, we've been getting our fair share of retail implementations of Intel's new dual-channel chipsets. We've seen a number of Springdale and Canterwood boards over the past couple of months. It's also fair to say that all have been relatively quick, generally stable, and filled to the rafters with almost every accessory one could wish for.

We expected the first tier manufacturers to have their designs ready and out to market soon after Intel's reference board was reviewed by an expectant reviewing community. That appeared to be the case with ASUS, MSI, ABIT and Gigabyte all setting their Canterwood stalls out early. We've recently witnessed an influx of Springdale based boards, and some boards have astonished us with their PAT-like memory optimisation implementation.

Looking back through our own review archive, we see that the usual suspects generally dominate our motherboard reviews. However, once in a while another few manufacturers come along that wish to displace some of the old guard. We were impressed at DFI's Granite Bay motherboard. It was quick, extremely stable and well received by the enthusiast crowd.

DFI have taken it upon themselves to dish up a Canterwood board with all the trimmings. The DFI LANPARTY PRO875 arrived in the most unfeasibly large motherboard box we'd seen. Canterwood seems to be all about features and bundles. This one held a deal of promise from the outset.