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Review: ABIT IC7-G

by Tarinder Sandhu on 5 June 2003, 00:00 4.0

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ABIT IC7-G i875P Canterwood

Another day, another motherboard. Yet this is one motherboard we were keen to put through its paces. ABIT, one of the industry's heavyweights, have long been favourites with the enthusiast community. Their unique brand of high performance, excellent BIOSes and robust features has been imitated by a number of other manufacturers. So much so that it is now difficult to distinguish between motherboards other than by looking at the manufacturer's sticker.

Intel's 800FSB dual-channel DDR400 chipsets were launched in vengeance a couple of months ago. We've now seen both Canterwood and Springdale boards launched in force from pretty much everyone who is anyone in the motherboard world. We've, admittedly, been a little slow in getting ABIT samples in for formal testing. That's about to change as we look at ABIT's IC7-G. This motherboard sports the faster Canterwood chipset, so the G isn't indicative of on-board graphics. Rather, it defines this board as the deluxe, feature-laden version.

We expect a fast, stable, featured motherboard. This seems to be the way of things with ABIT's better boards. Will it meet our stringent requirements ?. We certainly hope so. Let the examination commence.