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Review: MSI 945GT Speedster-A4R Motherboard

by Tarinder Sandhu on 30 May 2006, 17:51

Tags: MSI 945GT Speedster-A4R Motherboard, MSI

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MSI 945GT Speedster-A4R

Intel released its impressive Core Duo processors a short while back, and enthusiasts wondered just how well they'd function in a desktop environment, given that Intel's Pentium M (Dothan), run in a compliant motherboard, produced numbers that gave high-end desktop processors a fright or two.

Motherboard manufacturers have cottoned on to the burgeoning mobile-cum-desktop market and are beginning to release desktop motherboards based on mobile CPUs. MSI has been one of the first to provide a retail example of a Core Duo-compatible (Yonah) motherboard with all the trimmings.

The MSI Speedster-A4R packs in an Intel 945GT/ICH7R chipset combination, and you can simply drop in the Core Solo/Duo CPU of your choice. Let's find out if tbe platform's performance has us purring with delight.