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Review: AMD Athlon 1.2GHz and AMD 760 DDR chipset

by David Ross on 11 February 2001, 00:00


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Recently AMD seems to have dominated the computer world. This is ever since overclockers have decided that AMD aren’t evil, and that they make damn good products. This all started with the Athlon, where people could simply modify the CPU and change the multiplier, enabling users to have much faster systems for a lot less cash.

Now AMD have moved on to new technology with DDR hitting us. While this seems to be a good idea, I will explain more later why it actually has a few issues. The major breakthrough we are waiting for is dual Athlon loving. This will be something to play with.

There has been a few motherboards made for DDR so far, some coming from AMD with the Evo production and the AMD 761/6 Chipset. Others include the VIA and ALI Chipsets. We will be doing some major testing of the ALi over the next few weeks. AMD’s DDR Chipset is different and it is developed for use with the Athlon and Duron CPUs. Gigabyte was the first to adopt the use of the AMD 760 Chipset range, with their motherboard the GX-7DX.

The Motherboard - Sideways :-

From the Top :-