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Review: MSI Wind 12 U230: AMD Congo takes the fight to Intel CULV

by Parm Mann on 27 November 2009, 08:30 3.55

Tags: Wind 12 U230, AMD (NYSE:AMD), MSI

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We've already put a fair few MSI Wind netbooks to the test here at HEXUS, but one that has recently piqued our interest is the MSI Wind 12 U230 - a 12in ultra-portable that sports AMD's second-generation ultra-thin platform, Congo.

Looks a lot like another netbook, but AMD would strongly disagree. Having repeatedly highlighted the lacklustre performance of Intel Atom-powered netbooks, sized at say 10in or under, AMD instead hopes to do business in the ultra-thin segment - namely with ultra-portable systems measuring roughly 12in in size and performing in a manner not too dissimilar to a full-fat notebook.

Yet, despite its best intentions, AMD has thus far struggled to make an impact. The chip giants' first ultra-thin platform, Yukon, featured in little more than a handful of systems and has since faded into obscurity. Can it do better the second time around? We're here to find out, and we're taking a look at the MSI Wind 12 U230 - a Congo-based netbook notebook scheduled to hit retail in January with a price tag of £399.