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Review: PC Specialist Enigma P960T laptop: Blu-ray and powerful performance

by Tarinder Sandhu on 23 January 2009, 06:00 3.25

Tags: Enigma P960GT, PC Specialist

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Netbooks have stolen much of the thunder usually reserved for high-end, high-priced laptops, so you may think that the days of the £1,000 mobile machine are numbered.

Netbooks, though, haven't yet evolved to be the do-it-all device, meaning that there will always be room for larger laptops that can play Blu-ray films and render the latest games at decent quality settings.

PC Specialist is hoping to cash in on folk who want it all, and have just released the Enigma range. We took a £899 laptop for a spin to see if there is a real point in spending so much money right now.