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Review: ATI CATALYST 4.12 Performance Analysis

by David Ross on 18 December 2004, 00:00

Tags: ATi Technologies (NYSE:AMD)

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December 13th saw the introduction of the latest (and indeed last) driver of the year from the guys at ATI. It's been a busy time for their driver team, as the release of the likes of 3DMark05, Doom 3 and Half-Life 2, along with the introduction of features such as CATALYST A.I. and CATALYST Control Center have given them plenty to do, and plenty of performance to wring out of their drivers.

The release of CATALYST 4.12 is no different, and as a result the release notes promise performance improvements in several areas. Today, we'll be looking into these claims, by looking at the performance of this new set relative to CATALYST 4.11 and 4.10 in the applications and settings in question, as well as taking a broader look at performance using our usual suite of benchmarks. No more mincing words, let's jump straight into testing!