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Review: NVIDIA's SLI - 6600 GT Performance and Conclusion

by Ryszard Sommefeldt on 28 November 2004, 00:00


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6600 GT in SLI

Chances are you've seen 6600 GT on PCI Express before. Launched back in early September, the NV43 GPU that powers the 6600 series of products and PCI Express's increased power supply capacity via the slot mean that 6600 GT boards on PCI Express run cool, quiet, take up a single slot and don't need an external power feed.

The cheapest of the current SLI combinations, 6600 GT in SLI is also the simplest to attempt in terms of power requirements and chassis cooling considerations. My unscientific heat measuring tests showed negligable impact from running two 6600 GTs, over that of a single board, in terms of temperature inside the chassis. I'll cover the thermals of the test chassis in the final part of the article series in a couple of days.

6600 GT in SLI

You'll notice the continuity card is actually connected for single GPU mode, despite there being two 6600 GTs in the system and connected by the inter-GPU connector. The shot was taken after I'd finished testing with a single board and I'd put the second board in there to snap the pictures.

They're XFX boards and specified for 500/1200 running (by the use of GC16 Samsung GDDR3 DRAMs), over the 500/1000 clocks the reference design carries. For this article however, the boards were clocked at 500/1000 throughout.

Clocks for the 6600 GTs

Driver information