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Review: GeCube Radeon X1650 XT Dual 512MB

by Tarinder Sandhu on 12 July 2007, 11:24

Tags: Gecube

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The current graphics-card market is littered with manufacturer-specific models that are only differentiated from one another by the use of a company-branded sticker on the heatsink's fan.

There are a handful of companies, plying their trade for both Radeon and GeForce SKUs, who invest in a pre-overclocked line-up that, often, uses in-house-designed cooling. We like that.

Then there's the firms who tear up the reference design, stamp on it, burn it, throw it out of the window and start on their own. We like that even more.

GeCube is one such company and we take a look at its Radeon X1650 XT.... with a very large twist.