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Review: AOpen Aeolus 6800 Ultra DVD256(E)

by Ryszard Sommefeldt on 26 July 2004, 00:00

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AOpen Aeolus 6800 Ultra DVD256(E)

The Aeolus 6800 Ultra is, you guessed it, based on NVIDIA's GeForce 6800 Ultra NV40 variant. That means these basic NV40 specs. The card comes clocked at 400MHz core, 1100MHz memory, the most basic Ultra clock designation that NVIDIA set out for NV40.


It won't surprise you that AOpen stick with the reference design through and through, only changing the branding plate to suit their design art, which is exactly what XFX did recently with their own 6800 Ultra product. It requires a dual Molex power feed from your power supply, with both feeds ideally coming from separate wiring loops.

The board uses Samsung's K4J55323QF GDDR3 DRAMs, AOpen picking the GC16 variant that's specified to do 1200MHz DDR.

Card rear

The rear of the board holds no surprises and it's obviously a dual-DVI board, as mandated by NVIDIA's Ultra specification for the 6800. It's disappointing that such a high-end product doesn't come equipped to do basic video capture, AOpen neglecting to equip the Aeolus with the necessary hardware to do so.

A quick shot of the cooler branding plate before we move on to the presentation and bundle.