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Review: GeCube Radeon X1950 Pro 512MB GDDR3 FZ Cool Fan HDCP Edition

by Josh Blodwell on 9 March 2007, 08:22

Tags: GeCube Radeon X1950, Gecube

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A couple of years ago, before enthusiasts started using LN2 (liquid nitrogen) to hit the top of the 3DMark performance tables, we'd see some unusual cooling methods. Back then, Thermo-Electric Coolers (TECs) were widely used by enthusiasts trying to get more performance from their hardware.

That's exactly what GeCube intends to do by attaching a TEC to an X1950 Pro, that is, get a significant increase in power without adding a corresponding significant increase in price.

Does GeCube's FZ Cool X1950 Pro succeed in dragging TEC cooling into the mainstream? Is it worth spending £165 of your hard-earned money on when you could buy a reference X1950 Pro for £115? Read on to find out.