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Review: GeCube All-In-Wonder 9600XT 128M/TV/FM

by Ryszard Sommefeldt on 3 July 2004, 00:00

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All-In-Wonder Features

The connectors on the backplane enable most of the GeCube's AIW features. The FM and TV tuner inputs are self explanatory. The non-standard connector enables a whole host of connectivity options. Here's what hooks up.


Dual VGA, composite and S-Video outputs are the most obvious, RCA digital output (orange connector) and regular 3.5mm line out jack aren't.

Lack of DVI connectivity is the largest limitation to this latest All-In-Wonder way of doing things, but dual displays on an All-In-Wonder device was a hugely requested feature, so sacrificing DVI for dual VGA is a fine compromise.

Capture dongle

The capture dongle, seen with All-In-Wonder products since I can remember, lets you capture from S-Video and composite video sources, with stereo phono connectors for audio.

With the capture and tuner inputs covered and the display output options discussed, the final part of any All-In-Wonder package is the RemoteWonder.

Remote Wonder

I was disappointed when I opened the box for the GeCube, since AIW bundles should now be shipping with RemoteWonder II remotes, rather than the obvious RemoteWonder I in the shot above. RemoteWonder II is a restyled remote with much longer range, but production issues and worldwide shortage mean that some AIW bundles are shipping with the older version. You get a mail-in coupon for free upgrade to the new remote, when they become more generally available, to soften the blow.

The older remote isn't bad however, it just has some slight ergonomic issues that the RWII resolves. The reciever is one we've seen many times before.

Remote Wonder reciever

Plugging in to a USB port after installing the Remote Wonder software lets you use it control Multimedia Center and basic Windows functions.


It's regular All-In-Wonder behaviour with a twist. Dual VGA connectivity, whilst dropping any form of DVI connectivity, will be a boon for a lot of people who want the capture and tuner features to integrate with their dual displays.