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Review: Radeon X1300 XT GDDR3 duel - Sapphire vs. GeCube

by Steve Kerrison on 21 September 2006, 09:10

Tags: ATi Technologies (NYSE:AMD)

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When is a Radeon X1300 not a Radeon X1300? When it's a Radeon X1300 XT, of course!

We haven't gone crazy. You see, the X1300 XT is actually an X1600 Pro incognito... re-branded and re-valued. Cool, eh?

We thought we'd see what shifting the RV530Pro GPU down into the X1300 series does to that section of the graphics market. We've got our grubby mitts on a pair of X1300 XTs, one from GeCube, the other from Sapphire. We'll be squaring them up against a GeForce 7300 GT and 7300 GS.

With promise of playable framerates at reasonable resolutions, let's see if the X1300 XTs can deliver the goods...