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Review: ATI Radeon X1950 XTX 512MiB

by Steve Kerrison on 23 August 2006, 08:16

Tags: ATI Radeon X1950 XTX, ATi Technologies (NYSE:AMD)

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It's all about the beans

Devoted HEXITES may recall a HEXUS.bean that sprouted at the beginning of this month - the seeds sown by our intrepid reporter, Willy Deeplung - in which we delivered a few tid-bits of information on ATI's upcoming Radeon X1950. To quote that bean: "The threat from X1950 seems to be a faster, cheaper and quieter answer to the 7950 GX2."

In the time since that report, ATI has seeded to reviewers its X1950 product, more specifically the X1950 XTX. Today the shroud can be lifted and you can all get a good look at 'R580+', as some have come to know it.

X1950 XTX

So, is it really the new King of the hill? Find out as we take a look at what's new and how it performs.