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Review: Galaxy GeForce 7300 GT GDDR3

by Ryszard Sommefeldt on 9 August 2006, 07:50

Tags: Galaxy

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Bundle and Presentation

It's almost identical to their GeForce 7600 GS packaging, which lets you know what's inside. Memory count, bus width, the fact it's on PCI Express, and that it supports DVI and HDTV output are all listed on the front. For you peeps that are voyeurs of gaming hardware, the cut-out in the packaging also lets you see the card encased in its see-through plastic clamshell.

The same manual, quick install guide and driver CD you get with the GeForce 7600 GS 256 GDDR are carried over to the 7300 GT GDDR3 (but not pictured), and the cable bundle runs to a component output adaptor for the video output port, and an S-Video lead for the same purpose.

No DVI-to-VGA adaptor was supplied, presumably to keep costs to a minimum, and really that's your lot as far as extras go.


As we said with Galaxy's 7600 GS, a light bundle but apt for the target market.