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Review: BFG Tech GeForce 7900 GT, 7900 GTX and 7600 GT OC™

by Ryszard Sommefeldt on 8 July 2006, 07:38

Tags: BFG Technologies

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BFG Tech GeForce 7900 GT OC™

Given the 7600 GT OC™ on the previous page, it's no surprise to see BFG Tech's 7900 GT OC™ be resolutely reference in appearance, too.

GeForce 7900 GT needs assistance from your PSU to run properly, hence the 6-pin PCI Express graphics power connector now standard on hardware in this kind of class. Both DVI ports are dual-link this time, should you be up for running a pair of Dell 3007FWPs (or similar) without issues.

You get BC14s again, produced by Samsung and rated to just over 700MHz. BFG run them at 680MHz, 20MHz more than NVIDIA do on the reference version.

The GPU comes clocked at 475MHz (versus 450MHz), giving this OC™ variant somewhere between 3 and 5.5% possible extra performance, depending on the task at hand. How much that translates into real-world performance we'll check out and see.

We don't like the cooler and recommend you change it for something better, but what's under said cooler is more than decent if NVIDIA power is what you want and you're shopping at the lower end of the high-end space.

Presentation and Bundle

The 7900 GT boards had come free from their clamshell carrier, too, like the 7600 GTs on the previous page. They hadn't damaged the clamshell though, and like the 7600 GTs they both still worked. Again, we suggest some foam inserts to make it all a bit more snug.

The board carries the same bundle as the 7600 GT SKU, with the addition of a PCI Express 6-pin power adaptor, just incase your PSU doesn't have one and you need to make it from 2 Molex connectors.


More hrmphing at the cooler, then, with the bundle doing what it should to get you up and running, BFG Tech nailing the added basics but not going much further.

Now the big boy.