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Review: Albatron Ti4680P TURBO

by David Ross on 26 January 2003, 00:00 4.5

Tags: Albatron (5386.TWO)

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Last year saw the introduction of a new name in the "Enthusiasts" market. Albatron emerged rather quickly and rose in stature with its range of highly featured and overclocking motherboards and more recently GeForce 4 graphics cards.

Well who are Albatron?

Well Albatron were formerly known as Chun Lun Electronics, and dealt primarily in display equipment. The name was changed to herald the new range of home computing equipment after Jack Ko left his previous post at GigaByte to pursue new challenges and landed here.

Today I'm reviewing the latest to their line-up the Ti4680P Turbo Medusa. This confusingly named Ti4200 comes complete with 128MB of 3.3ms BGA Ram, 8 layer PCB, and 8x AGP.

The Medusa Turbo is known to be an excellent clocker upto and beyond Ti4600 speeds, so not only am I looking at this on both Amd and Intel platforms, I'm gonna give you a taster of the performance gains you can acheive by pushing the core and memory clocks a little higher than the standard speed.

So as usual let’s have a look at the card in depth...