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NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 480 finally unleashed. Reviewed and rated.

by Tarinder Sandhu on 26 March 2010, 23:00


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Power consumption and temperatures

GeForce GTX 480 is fast, no doubt about it, but what's the cost of such performance?

Idle power-draw (as a system) is in the same ballpark as the other high-end GPUs. The Radeon cards do rather well here.

The under-load numbers are measured after 10 minutes of FurMark. What's important to note is that FurMark loads the NVIDIA and ATI GPUs a little differently, where one is likely to see a higher figure for GeForces.

That being so, the new GeForce 400-series cards can pull a lot of juice when running flat out. Real-world gaming doesn't hit the cards quite as hard, and we noted a maximum power-draw that was 15 per cent lower than what's stated in the graph.


A lot of juice means considerable heat and load on the cooler(s). This is why the GeForce GTX 480's excellent heatsink has to work overtime in keeping the GPU under 100°C.