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Review: HIS Radeon HD 2900 Pro 512MiB Limited Edition

by Tarinder Sandhu on 5 October 2007, 08:54

Tags: HIS Radeon HD 2900, HiS Graphics

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[advert]GPU designers, especially those chasing the performance dragon, will tell you that their roadmap is not influenced by the competitors' products and the cyclical nature of bringing new architectures means that, sometimes, they will be behind the curve.

That's what AMD seems to be preaching with reference to its current high-end DX10 line-up, which consists of a single SKU that's beaten up by the competitor's finest - and vastly more expensive - product.

Making money from GPU design is a case of generating mass-market appeal and selling boatloads of mid-priced cards. AMD, though, doesn't really have a mid-priced DX10 SKU, and it's beginning to hurt.

So how to design a product that's not quite an R600 but ships at significantly below the headline card's asking price? AMD's solving this conundrum by releasing the Radeon HD 2900 Pro, and we've run an HIS card through the HEXUS gauntlet.

Read on to find out if it's worth Ā£175...