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Review: Asetek WaterChill Antarctica KT03A-L30

by Ryszard Sommefeldt on 2 August 2004, 00:00

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Asetek WaterChill Antarctica KT03A-L30

Here's the part list before we move onto a proper examination.
  • WaterChill Antarctica CPU cooler block supporting Intel P4 S478, AMD Socket A, AMD S754/S940 (AMD64)
  • Black Ice Pro Dual Radiator with push on fittings
  • 2 x ADDA AD1212MS-A71GL 120mm Low Noise fans
  • 1400l/hr Hydor L30 Pump with push on fittings
  • WaterChill Plexiglass Reservoir
  • WaterChill Tube Set (3.0 metres)
  • All fittings and mounting accessories
  • Anti Algae Fluid - 25ml bottle
  • Heat Conduction Compound - 2ml tube
  • Installation Manual


In the previous WaterChill review, I had this to say about the packaging: "...the larger components, like the radiator and reservoir are all naked inside the foam. If I have any criticism of the packing method, it's that the larger items should be wrapped individually too, should they bang together during transit. It's rare that they would, but nonetheless, it'd be nice to see, just in case.". I'm happy to report they've (almost) fixed that issue. Here's the current packaging.

Click for a bigger version (~33KB)

The cardboard is replaced with a much nicer plastic branded carton and the contents are packaged a little bit nicer. There's still no individual bagging for the radiator or reservoir, but things are partitioned nicely inside the carton using eggbox foam. Opening it up gives you the following (minus the accessories bundle which I've removed already).

Click for a bigger version (~48KB)

All in all it's an improvement on the original WaterChill, but things are still cramped inside the carton, so I'd still like to see more individual bagging for the larger items.


I'd just be repeating myself if I told you how the blocks were constructed or put together, compared to the earlier WaterChill. Nothing has changed in that respect, so read that page of the review here if you want to catch up. However the main CPU block, and the only block shipped in the review sample, has changed. The Antarctica moniker gives the game away, here's a picture.

Click for a bigger version (~56KB)

The previous block had a single inlet port and a single outlet, whereas the new block has a single inlet (middle) and a pair of outer outlets. Here's the waterblock in more detail, minus its base.

Click for a bigger version (~76KB)

You can see the inlet is just an eyelet-style opening, as opposed to the full circular opening for the outlets. That creates the optimum water flow for the copper base. Here's the base in more detail.

Click for a bigger version (~67KB)

Forced center channels feed the outlets. The bottom of the block has a smooth, machined finish, aiding good contact with the CPU you are cooling.