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Review: Asetek WaterChill KT03-L20

by Tarinder Sandhu on 1 May 2003, 00:00 4.5

Tags: Asetek

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What's in the box ?

Our editor is fond of keeping Vapochill boxes, so much so that the watercooling kit was shipped in a padded Citylink box. The above picture shows you the business end of the kit. What you see above are the basic constituents of an elementary watercooling kit. A radiator, a large 120mm fan, 2 1m runs of 10/12mm tubing, a CPU block, an integrated reservoir pump / reservoir, and a control unit. I'll go through each component in turn and then focus on installation and operation. As a complete novice in watercooling terms (read never been 100 yards of a watercooled setup before), the installation of this kit would be highlight just how easy or difficult Asetek's WaterChill kit was to setup.

You are of, course, provided with all the necessary extras and mountings, as well as a brief but concise instruction manual.

These are the tools you'd need to complete installation. As most things, it looks complicated on first glance but is elementary if you take the time to read the instructions before setting-up. A list of included components and fitting is detailed below.

Pump, attached reservoir, and control unit

Radiator and attached 120mm fan

Hermaphrodite power cord

CPU block (S462, S478, S754 fittings)

2 runs of 10/12mm tubing

4 guide rods, 8 springs, 4 finger screws (4 heavy, 4 light), 4 suction pads, 8 washers, 2ml thermal paste, 2 radiator rings, and 25ml anti-algae fluid