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Review: Thermaltake Eureka

by Matt Davey on 4 November 2006, 00:03

Tags: Thermaltake (3540.TWO)

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As many of you have no doubt experienced, buying computer parts is a bit like buying a new car; as soon as you drive off the forecourt it's worth a whole lot less than 5 minutes previously.

Now, if the purchase is in demand it can keep its value, but, invariably, it’s losing money from the second you've stumped up the cash and taken possession of it.

Thermaltake Eureka

One of the markets where it seems to be an exception is chassis. Generally, it takes a long time for price to drop, and when it does it’s either because it's been superseded or other companies have launched competing products.

With that in mind, we wanted to take a look at an older SKU to see if ‘value for money’ really does come with time.

Thermaltake Eureka

Thermaltake gives it large with its Eureka chassis, an over-sized ATX model aimed at the home server market with a marketing slant that's appealing to the extreme gamer.

Pricing on the Eureka varies considerably, and that's no surprise given that it’s been on the market for at least 10 months, but rooting around we did find it for a smidge over £90. Anyway, let’s get down and dirty with the Eureka….