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Review: Chieftec BX

by James Morris on 29 February 2004, 00:00

Tags: Chieftec

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Dragon, Matrix, Scorpio and BX are only a handful of names for Chieftec cases. The BX range is Chieftec’s latest creation, a rather bland and boring name when you look back at previous names they have used. The BX comes in various different designs and colours which I’m sure will baffle anybody; I bet even the employees at Chieftec get confused with all the model numbers. To add even more confusion they have a list of accessories you can buy too. Three different grill designs, 7 different colour grills, 7 different colour cases and matching window panels are all among the accessories for the Chieftec BX. All these accessories allow the user to customise their case without attacking it with the case modder’s much-loved tool, the Dremel hobby drill.

Chieftec have always designed cases with quick release features. The BX carries on this trend and has included them within this case. The case features quick release fan holders, an easy access lockable side panel and a quick release drive system. As most components within the case are quick release, the case needs to be secure to prevent theft of hardware. This may not be a concern in your own home, but if this case was used at a work place then it becomes a major issue.